Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wonderful Oils......

The main Oil in My soaps is Olive Oil. Why Olive oil?? I love it! It is soooo great for my dry skin, and that is why I started making my own soap! My skin was horrible, breaking open and bleeding, cracking & peeling. SO olive oil was my very first choice. It makes an excellent bar of soap.

Yummy Looking Huh????

I Love it! Great just on Your skin too. A Bit heavy, But in the middle of winter when the furnace in up and running and my feet start to dry out..hehe..olive oil and Saran wrap and awesome!!!!

Now onto My Next oils.. Palm and Coconut....

Palm Oil helps make my bars harder.
And coconut oils help with the bubbles.. Both of these oils are Great for your skin!!!! The 3 Oils mixed together make a wonderful Gourmet bar!!!

All Mixed up!!! Next Up...Tea tree Soap!!!!

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