Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap

Good Morning!!!
I hope Everyone had a Great night. Me I was working till pritty late doing research.

Listed here IS a Batch of my Yummy Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap. It weighs 5oz. And is just awesome! Not to strong not to soft. A Dupe of B&B works. One of my most popular sellers in my stores..
You can find this soap listed in My etsy site here...
It is a wonderful gift for My Fruity Lovers along with The Lime Margarita soap!
Ohhhh, And I am still Giving away some of My White Lilac Bars..
Take a peek and have a wonderful day!
Next up.......
Lemongrass soap batch made..till then..HUGS

Thursday, July 30, 2009

TeA TrEe Soap

My oils are melted together, And Mixed with the lye. Looks almost good enough to eat. So I made this batch with just olive oil, palm oil & coconut oil. These two pictures are taken after I have blended my oils and added the lye. Now the Change starts..

A picture of my Very important stick blender. Mixing everything together and Bringing my soap batter to trace..Gotta get ready to add the Eo Or Essential oil.. With My Eo added Yes real Tea Tree oil from Australia.

I pour into my wonderful wooden molds that hubby made for me! Gosh, this stuff smells so fresh and Clean!!!

<------ Here I make the top look Nice!! Then these guys are tucked away for 24 hours to go through the gelling process..
That is a Very exciting part! It is when the soap batter turns to soap!!!

The finished product!!! All Natural Tea Tree Soap loafs.

Each loaf weighs 6lbs. Today I made two of them!!

Great for your face.. Tea tree is anti-fungal. and has a fresh herbal but clean scent!!

Wonderful Oils......

The main Oil in My soaps is Olive Oil. Why Olive oil?? I love it! It is soooo great for my dry skin, and that is why I started making my own soap! My skin was horrible, breaking open and bleeding, cracking & peeling. SO olive oil was my very first choice. It makes an excellent bar of soap.

Yummy Looking Huh????

I Love it! Great just on Your skin too. A Bit heavy, But in the middle of winter when the furnace in up and running and my feet start to dry out..hehe..olive oil and Saran wrap and awesome!!!!

Now onto My Next oils.. Palm and Coconut....

Palm Oil helps make my bars harder.
And coconut oils help with the bubbles.. Both of these oils are Great for your skin!!!! The 3 Oils mixed together make a wonderful Gourmet bar!!!

All Mixed up!!! Next Up...Tea tree Soap!!!!

Step One..

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are all looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

I thought I would give a bit of insight to my soapmaking. I normally have a workshop in the back of my seasonal store. But, it is not winter yet. So I am making at home again!! LOL

Anyway, First is making sure you have all your tools on hand. Pictured here I am getting ready to measure my Sodium Hydroxide (aka LYE) Someone said once, I can't remember who.. No Lye No Soap. And it is Veryyyyy true.

Without lye there is no soap. even in the bath bars on the grocery shelf you will see it listed.

The lye causes a chemical change in the fats and waters and turns to soap. This is a Very scary part of soapmaking as you have to respect the lye. Being very careful wearing all safety gear. and measuring just right. ( safety gear includes goggles, gloves, mask.) In the final bars of soap there is no lye left. allot of soapmakers don't list the lye in there product as it is not in the final product. This is called saponification.

My Lye water getting cooled down and readyt o mix with my oils. Getting close to soap time!!! Hmmmm. Yummy Batches to be made... Next up a bit about My oils!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Morning!

I am a Bit short on time today, But eather tonight or tomorrow I am going to post a bunch of picts of My new Batches of soap and show a Bit of the process.
I hope everyone is having a Great day!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Two bars of soap are Free On My Etsy!!
Check it out!!

limit one bar per person!!!

My Goofy Son!

Family Fun Days Comes to Stratton once a year! And My wonderful son is on the Fire Dept . They get to ride in the trucks...Around town and dump out water on people! LOL. they throw candy at the kids.. The second Pict is of My son Sean..He just Unloaded water on his Mom!!!! Look at that face!! He really enjoyed that!!! LOLOLOL