Thursday, July 30, 2009

TeA TrEe Soap

My oils are melted together, And Mixed with the lye. Looks almost good enough to eat. So I made this batch with just olive oil, palm oil & coconut oil. These two pictures are taken after I have blended my oils and added the lye. Now the Change starts..

A picture of my Very important stick blender. Mixing everything together and Bringing my soap batter to trace..Gotta get ready to add the Eo Or Essential oil.. With My Eo added Yes real Tea Tree oil from Australia.

I pour into my wonderful wooden molds that hubby made for me! Gosh, this stuff smells so fresh and Clean!!!

<------ Here I make the top look Nice!! Then these guys are tucked away for 24 hours to go through the gelling process..
That is a Very exciting part! It is when the soap batter turns to soap!!!

The finished product!!! All Natural Tea Tree Soap loafs.

Each loaf weighs 6lbs. Today I made two of them!!

Great for your face.. Tea tree is anti-fungal. and has a fresh herbal but clean scent!!


  1. That soap looks incredible! I want some :)

  2. How interesting! I love seeing the process and how different the soap looks after 24 hours...
    thanks for sharing!


    PS- thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I will definitely be back to visit...

  3. Will you have these in your Rangeley shop?

  4. I like how the top looks. It came out great.