Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Morning!

I know I have not been around allot to play with My blog. But I am back and going to try to make it a good habit. Winter went well. Now we have our store open and My friends have another store that they let me put in some really great displays!!! So it has been busy.
I am so Hoping to take some new picts veryyyyyy soon. It has not been sunny here at all.

On the soap front I have made some more new VERY yummy soaps.. Hmmmmm
Lime Margarita, All Natural
Satsuma Guava- it did not come out as pretty as normal but smells great!
Orange Juice- Natural Glycerin bar that is loaded with cp shreds..
The list goes on and on..

I have had some wedding orders roll in , which is wonderful.

Anyway. Hoping for a SUNNY day! Would LOVEEEEEE to take picts! I will share more soon..
LadySudz Aka Tara


  1. Hi
    I loved your blog! I also hearted your soaps, very nice! :)

  2. Thank You very Much! That was very sweet of you!!!

  3. your soaps look good enough to eat! found your blog on an Etsy blog forum...will be following ;-)

  4. I really love your shop and just discovered your lovely blog ... I am glad i did ..; and congrats on the wedding orders !! how cool :)

  5. omg the names of your soaps makes me drool!!! haha!
    they look so decadent!